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Tomatoes & Peppers- $1.88 each

Our plants are ready to go in the ground! And we are offering your some more rare varieties that we grow right here on the farm! Get favorites like:

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At Fountain of Youth Gardens Farm, our practices differ a  lot differently from your run of the mill farms. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown, and is a month or so away from being Certified Veganic. We use sustainable regenerative, ecological ideals, standards and processes on and off the farm. Our no-till growing beds and methods are part of a symphony that work in unison with nature. We don't have much soil erosion, and our soils are a living ecosystem. Because this is a no-till farm, we are not turning over stored weed seeds, and don't have many weeds at all. We do not use harmful chemicals, or synthetic chemicals/fertilizers. Other amazing benefits from these standards are no run off into the local estuaries or the Chesapeake bay water shed.

Beneficial insects are bought and set free to ensure that we use the best biodynamic system possible with the least amount of pest pressure. We only use  compostable packaging and bags. You being here is appreciated, and we continue to look forward to supporting the local communities with clean, nutritious, local, sustainable products and food. Thank you for your support!
We take pride in nature, and plant buffer zones to establish trees, wild flowers for bees, and milkweed for lady bugs and butterflies etc. There are also water catchment systems, and water recycling from our wash stations. We strive to make habitats for life and our Veganic methods mean that we have never use animal products on the farm at all, no fertilizer etc. We don't have the food contamination risk with ecoli, listeria etc. that has happened recently on farms with different standards. We use plant-based Humus, compost and cover crops with some permaculture practices to remineralize. As a result, the soil is a much more balanced living ecosystem.

Our Produce

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Our Farm Share


Half Share

The half share is 5-7 different varieties of produce once per week.

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Full Share

The full share is 8-12 different varieties of produce once per week.

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Tues.- Sun: 11am - 6pm


Tel: 304-279-3096

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